Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy Summer Days!

This past week was full of lots of activities. On Tuesday we celebrated National Night Out with a street party. It was a great opportunity to meet the people on our street and there was lots of good food to sample. I did make a note not to make cheesy potatoes for next year, as mine were one of six different types. The highlight of the party was the fire truck that parked at the end of the street and sprayed a hose for all the kids and pets to run through. Erin and I opted for a second helping of dessert.

I have also been on campus quite a bit starting to get ready for classes. Hard to believe they will be starting in only 3 short weeks! But I don't mind getting ready in the office, if nothing more it gives me a chance to sit in the air conditioning for several hours.

Things around the house are coming together and Erin and I have been painting window trim and touching up the walls. I have also started to paint the foundation with a coordinating color; that is going to be a big task, but well worth it. The siding and window project is almost complete and I will be posting pictures soon. But right now I am off to pack .. this next week I will be resting and relaxing in the sun up in Alpena with Sara Rzepka.