Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lake House

Earlier this month I was blabbering about how I enjoyed the water, how I loved to be in the sun and on the beach. Well, this post is not too different, except this last week I was able to enjoy the water, sun and fun up at Hubbard Lake with Sara Rzepka at her family’s Lake House.

The drive to the lake house was very nice; the sun was out, it was Saturday so I could talk on my phone for free – until I lost signal of course, and the hardest part of the drive was deciding what animal to listen to on the radio. If you have frequented the upper half of the Lower Peninsula you know what I am talking about. Every stinking radio station up there is named after an animal – the moose, the eagle, the fox, the bear. If anyone understands why they feel the need to do this, please let me know. So, with that being the hardest part of the drive I was able to make it to my destination in about 4 hours and arrived to Sara, Brent and Anna soaking up the sun in the MegaStation. It was quite a start to the weekend.

The fun continued as we watched TONS of Olympic Events over the week, including our favorite Handball, which we plan to have our own Hubbard Lake Handball team in the future. We also had quite a match of ladder golf, cranium and charades – you could say it was our own version of the Olympics, but don’t expect to see us on TV anytime soon.

Our first field trip of the week involved us driving to the town of Glinny to tube down the Au Sable River. That was a great time for all, except for Ammie who would have rather been in a tube with a bottom on it. The river expedition took about 4 hours and was completely relaxing and tons of fun. It did take us sometime to get used to the COLD water, but we were happy to have the chill later on when the sun got hot. We avoided all major obstacles including trying to get all of our tubes connected and more importantly connected to the tube with the food and drink, the random logs and rocks in the middle of our path and we only bottomed out one time. When we returned from our outing we had a great taco dinner and Brent and I (maybe more Eagle Scout Brent than me) made an awesome camp fire to make ‘smores and solve the problems of life by.

The remainder of the week was spent on the boat and laying out in the sun reading and relaxing… ahhh the life of a lady of leisure. I LOVE IT. We also took our second field trip of the week into the bustling town of Alpena to have dinner and celebrate Tara’s birthday. The week was wonderful and I am already looking forward to next summer.