Sunday, August 3, 2008

Water Wonderland!

One thing I have started to enjoy about living on the West side of the State, are the endless opportunities to spend time on the water or at the beach. On Friday afternoon and evening I went with Marcie Ray or (Mar Sea Ray as she is known when driving her boat) and some friends down to a lake outside of Lawton, Michigan to spend time boating. When we first got down there, we almost didn’t get to enjoy the night as the battery in the boat had gotten run down. But with the help of a neighbor, we were able to get the battery charged up and the boat started. Once we had toured around the lake a few times we felt assured that we would be able to turn the boat off, anchor near a sandbar and not get stranded out there. So while floating on the lake we enjoyed beautiful weather, some great tanning opportunities, snacks and delicious Chocolate Crunch Cake.

Saturday presented another opportunity to get out and enjoy the lake as it was Coast Guard festival in Grand Haven. Usually that means that “locals” all stay away from Grand Haven, but this year I braved all the “tourists.” I supposed I should clarify that I was really not that brave, because I never actually drove downtown, that would just be crazy. I did meet up with my friend Amanda whose grandparents' have a home on the beach. It was wonderful…the sun was shining, there were no kids throwing balls over our heads; there was a strong breeze so you never got hot, and the best part was that you didn’t have to try and find a public parking spot. After we spent some time at the beach we had a delicious cook-out and thanks to some prior planning and spot saving by Amanda’s parents we had a great view of the fireworks later that night. If I ever want to enjoy the Coast Guard Festival again, Amanda is the gal to call.