Monday, September 29, 2008

It’s Outta Here!

There are some things in life that truly symbolize summer – road trips, fireworks, hot dogs, friends and baseball. And exactly one week after Fall officially rolled in, I tried to force just one more Summer weekend out of mother nature … lucky for me she obliged. After promising myself that I would make it to a Tigers game this summer, I finally got around to making it happen, although it was very last minute and the tickets made that very clear. Wait – I am getting ahead of myself.

This event really started earlier in September when Matt and I were each supporting our own teams of choice – I the wiser Tigers fan and him the Twins fan. Amongst some baseball related conversations I remembered that I had not gone to a game yet. So with that thought in mind I got tickets and Matt and I were on the road en route to see the last Friday night game of the season. It was an absolutely beautiful night, although it got pretty chilly as the clear night sky settled over the ball park. We each had the obligatory ball park hotdog which tasted really good after the road trip to the stadium and we did get to see some pretty good baseball – the Tigers did win, although it meant nothing considering they were playing the Rays. As an end of summer bonus, I did get a decent lesson in how to officially score baseball … a skill that I cannot believe I have lived 28 years without.

The end of the game brought fireworks, my favorite – although they were less than fantastic. At this point in the night Matt and I had experienced most of the summer requirements, but to complete the list we had to navigate stupid Michigan summer road closures (I forgot to add that to the list) and then head out to Allen Park to see Sara Rzepka. Now, I can officially let summer go … I am kicking and screaming and there might actually be tears … but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to enjoy the last of the warm weather.