Friday, October 31, 2008

Just In Time

With only a few short hours until Halloween we found time to carve our pumpkins. It is very surprising to me that it actually happened; in fact I cannot remember the last time I did carve a pumpkin. Usually I run out of time or I don’t have the tools to do so. However, this year it somehow all came together. We even had the appropriate tools for the job - a big IKEA box that was from Erin’s dresser, carving sets from Meijer, an old set of knives I found in a storage box in the basement and candles and LED lights. After the many year hiatus from carving, can I just say – the carving tools that you can buy at the store are so cool. The little saw things cut so well and offer such precision. I was impressed and I didn’t slice off half my finger, both good things. Mrs. Whiskers even got in on the fun, although she wanted NOTHING to do with the pumpkin goop – she is such a prima donna.