Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Good Start to the Christmas Season

It is getting harder and harder to know when to actually start the Christmas season. If you go by the stores’ calendars it is in October. Some years I choose to start the season on the Friday after Thanksgiving after buying lots of presents. This year, for me, the signal was the first big snow. On Sunday we got our first big snow up here and it definitely looks a lot like Christmas. Erin and I were so inspired that we decorated the house for Christmas – except for hanging the wreaths outside on the windows. (It was way too snowy for that!)

It continued to snow on Monday and as I sat and waited for Matt’s flight the entire airport looked like a holiday snow globe. Snow covered de-icing trucks, cranky passengers in very long TSA lines, holiday music over the loudspeakers and lots of people in unfortunate holiday vests - which completely added to the Christmas spirit.

Then to complete the start to the season, Matt got me an early Christmas present – a new digital camera. YEA! I do dearly love my Digital Rebel and I could never part with it. But, she is a big gal and hardly proportioned to be tucked in a purse or slipped in a coat pocket. Therefore I miss a lot of really great shots. The Elph or Elphie as she will be known is quite petite and perfect for all occasions. I am so excited to start taking pictures with her. I need to read the instruction book a little bit more, as the shots I took last night while testing it out were in Aquarium mode – whatever that means.