Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Close To Going Color Blind

If I say that I spent most of last weekend working on the bathroom, is anyone going to be surprised? I am guessing not and that is truly what I did. At first I thought that I wanted the bathroom to be a lovely shade of Classic Taupe – which is a perfect two shades lighter than the living room and hallway color. However, after painting part of the walls it was not looking right and had more of a peachy feel than I wanted. That meant that after all the hard work to get the walls primed and ready to go; I was going to have to paint them all white, again! And although that was tedious work, it was very worth it to start again and after several trips to Home Depot and helpful suggestions from Erin and Matt I decided to paint one wall Puddle and the other walls Wheat Bread. I have made a little progress with getting the color up on the wall, but I am counting on having time on Friday to really make a dent.

Outside of living in the paint section at Home Depot I was able to take some time to help Matt install some drywall in the house of a woman who Matt has volunteered his time to fix her plumbing. That was a fun experience - working to make dry wall look natural in a 100 year old home. I do have to say that I think we did a pretty good job for the amateurs that we are.

I also got a chance to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire ( the movie was very good and I would give it my recommendation, however I do have to say the scenes depicting the life of orphans in India will pull at your heart strings.