Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year

I cannot believe that today is the first day of Winter Semester. At the beginning of break I had aspirations of updating my blog with all the happenings of the season, but that obviously did not happen. So, here is a snapshot of the last month and a promise that 2009 will bring more frequent posts.

The last day of the semester is always a very exciting day for both faculty and the students, this year was especially exciting because to celebrate, Matt and I went with Amanda and her friend to the Warren Miller “Children of Winter” movie. I was a little timid at first – it is a movie all about skiing and I thought it might be a bit overwhelming, but I was genuinely impressed. Not only did it show some beautiful shots of people skiing down crazy mountains, but it explored some famous ski towns and gave really interesting backgrounds about the skiers involved. It was a good combination of aspects for the skiers and non-skiers alike. The highlight of the night was that Matt caught a free ski hat that was being hurled at us from a sling shot.

The first week of break – I took time to clean the house, catch up on prep work for winter classes and finish decorating the house for Christmas. On top of all that fun, Matt spent almost two days at my house installing a dishwasher and garbage disposal in my kitchen. I can’t believe people used to live without those amenities. It was a pretty major undertaking to get everything in order – we had to cut out a kitchen cabinet, add a new breaker to the breaker box, run new wiring to the disposal and dishwasher and re-configure the plumbing which involved having to work with some funky pre-existing pipes. I cannot even express how much it was worth all that hard work!

With the dishwasher installed, the house decorated and cleaned and an impending blizzard - Erin and I got the heck out of town and headed for home. I spent an entire week at my parents’ house and had a nice time shopping for Christmas presents and spending time with friends. This was a quite year for Christmas at my parents’ house, so I enjoyed spending the entire day in my PJs.

A few days after Christmas I headed back to GR to assess the snow situation and make sure my roof had not caved in. I am happy to report that even with over 2 feet of snow on my roof – my little old house stood strong. I did have a bit of work to do in the driveway and the decided to start working on remodeling my bathroom. The basic structure of the bathroom is good, so the project should be manageable. I will post more about that as I progress. So, the majority of this past week was spent working on the bathroom and just relaxing and having fun. Although, I am paying for it today in email responses and voicemail return calls – I am glad that I took last week to just spend time with Matt .. playing the Wii, shopping at Costco, watching good movies, eating too much fast food and sleeping in. Sometimes the best part of having time off is the ability to do nothing at all!