Monday, January 19, 2009

Visitors, Birthdays, Snow and Plumbing

This week has been quite the eclectic week. Matt’s friend and former college roommate, Josh, was in town to visit in between his trips to Central America and Africa. I didn’t get too much time to spend with them, but it seems like it was a really good week of catching up and reliving old times. Amongst playing some Wii with them I also got to have a really good dinner with them and some other former roommates and friends at El Burrito. I have been waiting to eat there for some time, but kept forgetting to go – the food was good and the company was even better.

This week was also the birthdays of 3 of my favorite people – Rachel Carter, my Dad and Marcie Ray. I didn’t get to see my Dad or Rachel on their birthdays because of the bad weather and roads. But, I did get to celebrate with Marcie when a group of us went to On The Border. The ironic thing about having three birthdays this week – is that I didn’t get one piece of cake – such a bummer!

And if we didn't already have enough snow this past week and weekend brought plenty more. I do have to say the snow over the weekend was very pretty - it was light and fluffy and made the entire town look like a postcard. Of course the downside is that it is time to shovel again, as you can see my house is starting to look like a giant snow fort.
Like usual all the snow made me want to stay inside and work on projects. I had originally wanted to get the vanity cabinet out of the bathroom so that I could paint behind it and then install a new one in a few weeks. So, I called in Matt for reinforcement and the whole process started off really smooth - the vanity top came off with no problem, the cabinet wasn't fastened to the wall so that came out easily -BUT the pipes were another story. The cold water shut off fine, the hot water also shut off fine, until the pipe snapped off in Matt's hands. Whoops, that should not be able to happen! However, the pipe was so rusted that it was incredibly weak and easily broken. So then the process to fix that little problem began and 24 hours later it was fixed by installing and sweating a completely new copper pipe and shut off valve, installing dry wall over the hole in the wall and patching up the wall. Needless to say, no painting got done, but boy will I enjoy the brand new hot water supply.