Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick of Being Sick

I am completely and utterly sick of being sick. After resting and having Erin and Matt take care of me two weekends ago, I thought I was sure to be on the mend. But then I spent an entire night – sitting Indian Style over a hot water humidifier - in order to alleviate the pain in my jaw from the sinus pressure. At that point I made an appointment with the Dr. to see if it was an infection, in which it was. So, I started on a course of Steroids and Antibiotics – sure to make me feel better. But, here it is a full week after my appointment and I am still miserable – hence I am sick of being sick.

Being under the weather has drastically reduced my desire to do anything, but I did manage to do a few fun things including a trip to Royal Oak to see the Rob Bell book tour. I adore Royal Oak and I miss having the opportunity to venture there more often – so the opportunity for Matt and I to take a brief trip there was very welcoming. The lecture was on par with what we have heard from him in the past, but even if it was sub-par it was fun just to take a little road trip and have 4 undisturbed hours to chat in the car. I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of the event as we were leaving the theater, I had grandiose ideas of how the picture would look – the lights, the ambiance, the title of the tour – think amazing. This is the best we could do.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the couch, again. I would love to say that these relaxing weekends have given me the chance to get caught up on many of the movies that I have wanted to see. Unfortunately, although we have access to them on NetFlix streaming – we start the movie and I am asleep within 20 min. So far, I have seen the beginning and end, but not the middle of Corpse Bride, Questions for Gandhi and a National Geographic Special on Egypt.

I have also had the chance to spend some time with my little buddy Jack, while his Ama, Paulette is recovering from surgery. During our car ride on Monday morning I looked in my mirror to see his delightful face and his uber-blue tongue, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Day Of Spring – First Trip To The Beach

Yes it is true, March 20th was my first trip to the beach! But let me clarify it a bit more …. It was only 50 degrees out, I wore my down-filled winter parka, I held a steamy cup of hot tea in my hands for warmth and I only stayed outside for around 30 minutes. BUT it was the first trip to the beach of the season! Yea! My friend Amanda was a good sport about the outing, she didn’t once mention that we were crazy for taking a trip to the beach and she was even prepared to pose for a goofy picture – too bad my camera battery was dead. I guess my adventure might have been a little premature, as I spent the rest of the beautiful weekend with a terrible cold. I am sure it is not directly attributed to the beach, but nevertheless it was a BIG bummer to be stuck on the couch the rest of the weekend. It is a double bummer since I just got over a cold a few weeks ago… YUCK! But I can’t complain too much Erin and Matt were awfully good to me and played some rousing games of Wii Price is Right, watched Food Network, spent time in the pharmacy (who knew it could take so long to find the right combination of Pseudoephedrine and Antihistamine) and kept an endless supply of Orange Juice in my glass. I only hope that we used enough Lysol to keep them both healthy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Same Great Jennifer … Different Studio Name

I have known Jennifer both personally and professionally for over 3 years now and I have never met someone who has such a passion for capturing life in pictures. She does amazing work and puts her love and heart in every picture. Jennifer is also very, very creative and can take plain and simple pictures (ie. cats, pancakes, Sunday dinner and lemons) and make them look like magazine ads or modern art. And you can imagine if she makes everyday things look magical she does wonders with weddings and babies. If you are ever looking for an amazing photographer, check her out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was wonderful and I took no pictures of it – what a bore! Earlier in the week I participated in a survey with the publisher of the textbook that I use in a few of my classes in which I got $50 compensation. So, I thought it would be fun to go out to dinner and spend it as a special treat and to celebrate Matt and I dating for 6 months. We went to Bonefish Grill, my favorite chain restaurant in the Grand Rapids area, and like usual it was really good. I will never get tired of the Crab and Corn chowder, so GOOD!

After dinner at Bonefish we decided that on our way home we would stop by Centennial and listen to The Lazy Blue Tunas. Matt works with a member of the band who is always happy to see people that he knows who come out to support him.

Sunday, was my first day volunteering in Baby Bay at Church. It was so much fun; I am working with the walker group, from when they start walking until they are 18 mo. It is an interesting age - one minute they are playing with no fear the next they are snuggled up on my lap. So my morning started off great and it only got better as the weather was so nice and warm and sunny that Matt and I were able to get outside and spend some time at the park. I can’t wait for Spring to officially get here!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break

I hate to start my posts apologizing for my delinquency, but here I am again, the time has flown by and I have not had a chance to blog. So, here is a smidgen of what has been going on.

Spring Break was the first week in March and like every year it sneaks up on me. I always say I am going to enjoy Spring Break and go somewhere warm – enjoy the benefits of having the week off, but then before I know it the week is here and I have yet to make plans. Next year I am going to do better - the day that I submit my Winter Syllabus to the copy center I am also going to book a flight to someplace warm. So, with that being said, obviously I had to fill my week with other events, which was not hard, but at times it was cold. :(

One of the major events that filled my week was completing the bathroom. Everything is finally done! On my Monday of Spring Break I installed and painted all the floor trim. It is amazing how that finishes off a room. I also spent loads of time caulking everything – I loath caulking and the more I do it, the more I can’t stand it. One of these nights when I can’t sleep I am going to end up buying that silly looking caulk tool off of the infomercial, just out of desperation. But, nevertheless, the tub and surround has new caulk and all the trim work and new fixtures are caulked in.

As a break from my caulking insanity my friend Paulette and I went to a Griffins hockey game. We had a wonderful time and really great seats. The game was quite uneventful as the Griffins had a shut-out until the last few minutes of the game. However, McCarty, who is somewhat injured right now, was sent down to the Griffins to heal and he spiced up the game a bit. A good time was had by all – who wouldn’t enjoy a good hockey game with a good friend and yummy popcorn!

And as if I didn’t have enough of a hockey fix from the night before I finally got a chance to go see Matt play hockey. Although the game was not as fast paced as the Griffins it was fun to watch nevertheless. I was super excited when my hockey star had a NHL style assist and had some mighty fine face-off wins. I took my camera and was going to take lots of pictures of Matt in action, but I had to have both hands on my hot cocoa for warmth – the arena is less than warm when they play at 10 at night. Next time I am able to go I will for sure bring gloves and the camera and everyone will be wowed with action shots.

The end of Spring Break week was filled with working on the laundry room in my basement. For all my fellow Michigan friends who have cement basements and your washer and dryer down there you can agree that it is not the most welcoming place to being doing a less than fun task. So, I tried my hardest to make my laundry room a little more bearable. There was not much that I could do, but my parents helped me paint the cement block walls bright white with dry-lock. That made a huge difference in how light and bright it is. We also painted the floor with the same cement floor paint that I have throughout the storage areas of my basement. And last, but not least, Matt helped me run new wiring so that I could position my washer and dryer side-by-side. The room looks so much better now. Not good enough to make me enjoy doing laundry, but good enough to make it tolerable. I think as I get used to it, I might install some shelves to organize my laundry accoutrements.

It is amazing how quickly a week can fly by when you are supposed to have time-off. Today it is back to teaching and the task of keeping everyone on task for 6 more weeks. After the taste of Spring Fever we had last week Friday, it is going to be just as hard for me to concentrate as it is for my students.