Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Day Of Spring – First Trip To The Beach

Yes it is true, March 20th was my first trip to the beach! But let me clarify it a bit more …. It was only 50 degrees out, I wore my down-filled winter parka, I held a steamy cup of hot tea in my hands for warmth and I only stayed outside for around 30 minutes. BUT it was the first trip to the beach of the season! Yea! My friend Amanda was a good sport about the outing, she didn’t once mention that we were crazy for taking a trip to the beach and she was even prepared to pose for a goofy picture – too bad my camera battery was dead. I guess my adventure might have been a little premature, as I spent the rest of the beautiful weekend with a terrible cold. I am sure it is not directly attributed to the beach, but nevertheless it was a BIG bummer to be stuck on the couch the rest of the weekend. It is a double bummer since I just got over a cold a few weeks ago… YUCK! But I can’t complain too much Erin and Matt were awfully good to me and played some rousing games of Wii Price is Right, watched Food Network, spent time in the pharmacy (who knew it could take so long to find the right combination of Pseudoephedrine and Antihistamine) and kept an endless supply of Orange Juice in my glass. I only hope that we used enough Lysol to keep them both healthy.