Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Das Dutchman Essenhaus

For years people have wondered if I ever eat large meals, since I am known to eat a ton of food in small portions throughout the day. Well, this blog entry should answer that question very clearly. Yes, I do and I love it! Many years ago, there was a time that my family visited Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. The food was great, the service was better and the day was an all around fun time. Since then we have visited the same restaurant at least once a year. Most recently that one time a year corresponds with my birthday, what a better way to celebrate then to eat, a lot! The family-style dining is what the Essenhaus became best known for with Amish and Mennonite home-style cooking. Featuring entrees like fried chicken, tender roast beef, real mashed potatoes with rich homemade gravy, made-from-scratch noodles, and more. The family-style dinners also come with homemade bread dressing, a tossed salad with the best sweet-and-sour dressing, corn, the most delicious homemade bread (I have been known to eat an entire loaf by myself) with apple butter and Amish peanut butter spread, beverage and a dessert. They offer 29 varieties of pie in the restaurant and whole pies are also available to purchase from the home-style bakery just down the hall from the restaurant. With all the goodness to savor, there's no excuse to leave hungry! After dinner was over Matt and I played a rousing round of checkers... I lost ... bummer.

Chalk Flood

Over the weekend of April 17th the weather was wonderful. Matt and I could not stay inside ... we did some yard work, we took some old computers down to the Zoo to be recycled, we took a drive in the country, we had dinner outside on the patio and we attended the Grand Rapids Chalk Flood. What is the chalk flood you ask? Well it was a massive public art project, in which thousands of participants used 30,000 multicolored sidewalk chalk sticks to draw all over several blocks of the city’s downtown. We didn't spend too much time on our own drawing, but we made a good effort with our names. After we finished our work of art we took some time to walk around, some of the drawings were amazing; I should have taken more pictures.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Wild Weekend

What made it WILD you ask? Well for starters I spent all of Saturday evening and night sick with the stomach flu… that made for a wild and crazy night. Sara was supposed to meet us for dinner and to hang out – the poor girl barely got dinner and conversation before I had to bolt. Talk about SICK OF BEING SICK. Then on Sunday, Matt and I went to the Wild vs. Red Wings game – that is really what made the weekend fun. The outing was to celebrate Matt’s birthday, in which I gave him the tickets back in November, so we had been in anticipation since then. It seemed like the perfect way for us to celebrate – I being a Wings fan and Matt supporting his hometown Wild. To be a good sport I even chose an outfit to support both the teams, good thing both teams share the colors Red and White. The game was pretty exciting since the Wild really held on to a 2 to 2 tie for the majority of the game. But, in the end the Wings scored with only 50 some seconds left on the clock. It was bittersweet, being the Wings fan that I am I couldn’t help but be excited with the win – BUT it would have been nice for the Wild to win in celebration of Matt’s birthday. Oh, well maybe Minneapolis can redeem themselves this baseball season – we will see how the Tigers hold up against the Twins. With opening day today – let the fun begin!