Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways…

1. Matt and I spent the entire day on Friday cleaning out my garage and yard. When I bought my house the previous owners had left lots and lots of junk, pretty much an entire garage full, which I continued to add to, as I went through the house renovating it. The pile of junk had gotten to be enormous and quite the eye sore. Action had to be taken … so we loaded up the trailer three times to take the junk to the dump. And we also made one trip to the scrap metal yard to get rid of all the metals, which was the highlight of the day, considering we made almost $50.00 on our trailer of scraps.

2. Matt, Erin and I spent most of Saturday putting down new linoleum in the kitchen. I have never been a fan of the flooring that the house came with – it was dated, stained and torn in places. Since, I needed to buy new floor for the bathroom when we renovated it; I figured I might as well buy enough for the kitchen too. The process to put in the floor went so smoothly and within a matter of hours we had the floor down, the new shoe molding installed and the appliances put back into place.

3. Matt, Erin and I spent all of Sunday working on installing a new counter top in the kitchen. The old countertop was probably original to the house, so circa 1945 and it was stained and chipped on all the edges … and it never looked clean, no matter how many times you bleached it. The countertop that we replaced it with matches the breakfast bar that I installed last year. The install of the countertop was “supposed” to be the easiest part of the weekend, the old one should have just unscrewed, and we would use it as a template and then put the new one in. That OF COURSE was not the case. So the first full day of working on the install involved taking apart the base cabinets to get to the countertop – it appears that in 1945 they didn’t think anyone would ever want to update the look so they nailed everything together. Once we finally got that dismantled and got the new countertop cut we decided to take a break.

4. Which leads me to another reason to count the ways…. Sunday night Matt and I volunteered to take some engagement pictures for our friends. It was a great evening and we went to a nice quiet beach outside of Grand Haven to take advantage of the good light and background options. We all had a lot of fun even though it was chilly and windy and for some reason there were mosquitoes by the car. I think we ended up with several hundred pictures on our cameras, with that number even if we aren’t great photographers; one HAS to turn out great!!

5. Monday Matt, Erin and I were back to the countertop grind. We spent most of the day installing the countertop to the wall and cabinets, cutting the hole for the sink and then getting the sink to fit snugly into position. Of course that is easier said than done, considering that everything had to be measured in 100 points and cut different amounts to make it fit. Old houses are so much extra work! We ended the weekend with a cook-out with friends and additional tweaks to the countertop! I think we are all looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend in a few days and taking a vacation from the long work-filled weekend.