Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Soooo Big!

It is so much fun to have visitors in Grand Rapids, and this past Thursday we had a great time when Katie, Luke and Blake Tomasoski came down for the night. I do wish that they were able to stay longer – there are so many great things to do in town … the zoo, the children’s gardens, the beach, the children’s museum, the carousel and the amazing parks, but they were on a really tight schedule which included attending Michael’s graduation and visiting family. It is amazing how much Blake has grown since we saw him at Thanksgiving, he is very animated and loves to gives smiles and likes to talk. I was so surprised at how comfortable he was in our house and how cuddly he was with his Auntie Erin and Auntie Meagan. It just warms your heart to get a smile and a snuggle from that little guy!