Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "Cat" Days Of Summer

It finally feels like summer – hot, humid and sunny. Personally I love the summer sun and the warmth that goes with it, but Mrs. Whiskers is not such a fan. I suppose I would feel the same way if I had to wear a long fur coat in the 80-degree heat. At first we thought we would beat the heat by giving her more frequent baths in cool water to help her stay cool. She is pretty used to baths and doesn’t mind them too much, but it didn’t seem to help her beat the heat for too long. Then we started putting her on her leash and taking her outside more often. That is lots of fun for her, but still didn’t help with the heat. In fact she usually got extra hot since she spends so much energy chasing the birds, while I get nervous she will run away and Matt runs after her. It is a circus to say the least. Anyway, to help her enjoy the summer we decided to give her a lion cut. A lion cut is such a funny look, long hair around her face, on her tail and on her feet – with her belly, back and sides shaved short. I shopped around to find a “spa/salon” that would give her a lion cut, but it was so costly. In disappointment, Erin and I had the idea to do it ourselves – I mean how hard can it be? Well, nine dollars and ninety nine cents and a new electric trimmer/razor later we were ready to start. At first it was a disaster, the razor didn’t seem to work, it removed an inch by inch patch in 20 minutes. We knew that something must be wrong, considering that the salon had said it was an hour process. After some trials and deliberations we decided to trim the fur with hair cutting scissors, which took her fur from about 4 inches long to about an inch long. That made a huge difference, the razor worked much better and we were able to take the inch fur down to centimeters. She got really used to the trimmer and laid on the bathroom floor or in the window sill and just let us do our work – she looked rather bored with the process. In the end the lion cut seems to be a success. It is not perfect, it could be a little shorter in some places and it would be nice to have the process done in an hour, but overall it is good enough and we save eighty dollars. And on the bright side now we have the opportunity to purr-fect our skills with the razor in future cuts. I mean – who doesn’t want that skill to add to their resume.