Sunday, June 7, 2009

Festival Of The Arts

Always held the first full weekend in June in downtown Grand Rapids, festival of the arts is a community celebration featuring arts, entertainment, food and fun activities. I have gone the last couple of years, but each time it rained or it was uncomfortably hot so I didn’t think it was very much fun. This year the weather was perfect and my experience was completely different. Matt and I headed down there on Friday night to walk through the streets and find the best food and then to see River City Improv and The Mines. Both events were held at the Fountain Stage, which was perfect since it was conveniently located next to the Sweet & Sour Chicken booth and the Shawarma booth. Yum! While we were enjoying our ethic fare we ran into a ton of people we knew and almost all of them ended up staying for The Mines concert – which made it all the better, because who doesn’t like to have good food, listen to good music and be in the company of good friends.