Monday, June 15, 2009

School Is Out For The Summer

It is finally here! Summer vacation! The past week has been a busy one – participating in a summer entrepreneurship academy for high school students, finishing up Spring semester classes, grading and posting final grades AND moving my office (again.) After that whirlwind of activity I am thoroughly ready for summer. And nothing says summer more than a baseball game. So to kick off my official break, Matt and I went to Chicago to see the Twins play the Cubs at Wrigley. I adore watching games there, the whole neighborhood is alive with excitement and partygoers and the old stadium is still charming. We could not have asked for better weather, it was mid-seventies and sunny the whole time - even better we were in the shade for the game, so we walked away with no bouts of heatstroke or sunburn. I am extremely happy about that, since usually I sit in the sun and end up miserable by the seventh inning stretch. Above and beyond the weather, the game was AWESOME! The Twins had won the first two games of the series, so the Cubs were ready to actually show up and play the game. The entire game the score was balanced one run to one run, then two to two. It wasn’t until an extremely exciting ninth inning that the cubs pulled ahead and won the game with one run. Final score – Twins 2, Cubs 3. Although, we were not excited with the win, since we had gone to the game to see the Twins play, it was still fun to be in the stadium when the Cubs won. I have been to Wrigley to see games about four times and they have never won before.

Another bright side to Game Day Sunday included Matt being able to see his high school friend Joe. Joe currently lives in Madison, Wis and made the drive down to Chicago to support the Twins. Amongst all the baseball talk and activity we didn’t get too much time to chat with Joe, but he plans to visit Michigan this summer so that should be fun!

To wrap up the exciting day, Matt and I went to Goose Island for dinner, caught the shuttle back to the parking lot passing many bulidings that we are sure we have seen on House Hunters and had a lot of fun sharing stories of past vacations and road trips on the drive home.

What a great way to officially start summer! To continue the fun of summer, this week with the help of my mom, I plan to plant some plants and create some flowerbeds in my yard. It should be a perfect week to get that started and a great time to see the colors of summer bloom for the rest of the season.