Friday, August 28, 2009

Although We've Come To The End Of The Road ...

It looks like soon “Elle” and I will part ways, “Elle” is the name of my house - fitting because it is located on Elwood and because I adore Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. After some serious prayer, discussion and number crunching it looks like we are going to put my house on the market. It seems like only yesterday I bought this place – and I guess it wasn’t that long ago about 2 years – and now she is all ready to make her début on the for sale website. I have to admit that although I am very excited to be moving forward with upcoming plans, I am going to be sad to leave the house. We put so much time and energy into making “Elle” special, she was a labor of love to say the least. I can’t even think back to a weekend when my parents, my sister, my friends or Matt wasn’t helping me on something. I couldn’t have had such a warm, cozy abode with out all their help. And if you look back through some before pictures you can understand what hard work went into making the house what it is today. We decided that now was the time to list the house since there is the first time home buyers tax credit and because we have heard of some homes sitting on the market for months. We are hoping that by December we have the ability to streamline down to one mortgage and consolidate our possessions to one house. I went and signed the paperwork on Wed. and it will be officially listed this afternoon – I was surprised that we already had a showing today…

I might be a "smidge" type A - so I thought I would help my realtor by creating a flyer to put on the front side of the MLS listing..

Here are “Elle’s” glamour shots, plus the shots from the previous post... And here is a fun link to see what she used to look like - a total makeover!


Basement "Family Room"

Erin's Room

My Bedroom

The Living Room