Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working On Elwood

The last couple of weeks I have been focusing on finishing all the little details in my house that I never wanted to get to. The dreaded caulking, the polyurethane-ing, the patching, the dreaded tasks that take you hours to complete and you feel less than satisfied with the work. I do feel good now that it is complete, but in the process of doing it I was down right cranky. I took a few shots of the finished rooms ..


Dining Area


I need to complete a few more things in the living room, my bedroom and the family room and I will post pictures of those as well.

In the meantime Matt and I are about to embark on a slow boat to shingle hell. We NEED to get new shingles put on the garage and this weekend seems to be the time to do it. I can only imagine what this adventure is going to be like. Let me just share with you what we have already experienced in the prep work. I think it started with the fact that several months ago we cleaned out the garage to find a squirrel nest in an old stroller up in the rafters (I still don’t understand how that happened). Then we had to move trash and debris from the side of the garage (I believe it has been there for at least 5 years), in moving the debris Matt calmly tells me that he thinks he found a skunk living under some of the brush… well let me just say that it why it has taken me two years to clean the debris out, I knew it was a no good situation back there!! So anyway, Matt calmly tells me he thinks there is a skunk, in which I not so calmly start yelling about how it is a wild animal and they do wild things and there is no way that I am going to climb back into a confined area and verify his claim. Imagine what a howler monkey might sound like saying that – that is probably close to what I sounded like. So, being the trusting wife-to-be that I am – I get as close as possible to appease Matt and his animal recognition skills yet far enough away to safely make it to the house and close the door. Well, after a terrifying look at the beast I recognize it to be an opossum.. Vaguely remembering that they are mean, have sharp teeth and are very mean – the situation turns into every person for him or herself, I am not going to die of some freak opossum incident. I of course very calmly back away from the area, whilst Matt pokes at the thing with a metal garden rake. I am pretty sure the animal loved it, as it stayed in the same spot. I offer up the suggestion that we should spray it with the hose. So, I go over to the spigot to get the water flowing … it sounds like an easy task, but I have my hoses in a complex system to water my yard on a timer. Which means that you have to find the appropriate hose, with the appropriate shut-off valve and dial everything correctly or you get a trickle. So, I am working on the water pressure as Matt continues to poke the beast. We spray it with the water and it drives the opossum out of the pile of wood. At this time I think we have solved the problem so I shut down the water, about a minute long process, and just as I wipe my hands in success and I see Matt running after the thing with the metal garden rake and then I see it run up to the top of the lilac bush. Matt then politely prompts me to bring the hose – but really this sounded more like some hick farmer yelling at his wife to herd up the cows – so you can imagine what our neighborhood is thinking at this point. So, I scramble around to get some water again, a mensa puzzle at its finest. We spray the thing out of the bush, which pretty much meant that the bough of the bush was breaking under the weight of this thing. In the fastest speed a opossum can go, it runs towards our neighbors house only to have the get away foiled by the neighbor kid being outside playing on a tricycle. So, it doubles back and Matt chases after it again with the metal rake. My neighbors at this point bring all of their children indoors and lock the doors. The furry nuisance makes it way in to the neighbors bushes and we call it good. Matt and I are such a good team - just call us when you need to remove pesky animals. :) We got a lot of work done after that – strike that, Matt got a lot of work done after that. I stood with in fleeing distance of the area and practiced my best impersonation of working – hey I need to be free to flee if necessary. So, that was the prep work, now on to the actual roofing ... I will be sure to let everyone knows how that goes.

Here is a before and after of the debris removal: