Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Bit Busy, A Little Bit Relaxing – A Lot Of Fun

Matt and I had a fantastic Labor Day weekend full of unexpected surprises– I am not sure we could have actually planned a better weekend. The weekend started on Friday, as both Matt and I did not have to work. The original plan was to meet up for a lazy morning of breakfast and running errands. However, two things came up that changed that plan – first we got a call to have a showing of the house later that afternoon and second Matt had a found a car that he wanted to investigate. So, breakfast was scrapped in lieu of spot cleaning the house and running errands was replaced with talking to banks and test-driving cars.

Matt has been looking for a replacement car for my Rogue lease, which is up in December. We did some initial leg work together creating a short list of cars that would be a good replacement and then he has done a ton of follow up work in trying to find the perfect replacement at the right price point with the right options. And after months of looking he finally found one that would meet the criteria in Cleveland, Ohio. The catch to buying a car in Ohio is getting everything such as the financing and insurance all situated before you make the trip – that can be harder than it sounds on a Friday afternoon before the Labor Day Holiday. With most things in place, Matt and I drove to my parents’ house on Friday night to cut the drive in half – poor Mrs. Whiskers had to make the trip too since we didn’t know if the house was going to be shown on Saturday.

Saturday started at 4:15am when we got up and had breakfast and got ready for the drive – we were out the door at 5:00 and on our way to check out the car. The drive was great the associated process of getting the car was a mess. We were a little concerned that the bank would not have the check ready to go so we got there first, talked with them and the check was not ready because the computer systems were down….oh the luck of that. The only day the system is down and we are 6 hours away from home and waiting on IT to get things going again. Having worked in that type of situation I was ready to call it quits and do something else. In fact Matt and I both thought things might fall through so our back-up plan, to make the drive worthwhile was to attend an Indians game – they just happened to be playing the Twins. Anyway, so the adventure had begun and the rest of the day involved going from the bank to the dealership, where we test drove the XC90 and loved it, back to the bank to wait for the system to be up and then back to the dealership to pick up the car. Two freak things happened during that time, the first one included a guy who also was looking at the XC90 no more than 1 minute after we set the keys down – seriously I was ready to break down in tears in front of him in order to sway his decision, luckily he called himself a GM man… then after the bank had officially closed and we were sure that we were not going to get the check they called us, opened the bank back up and gave us our check. I have to say – National City did a really great job helping us out and totally kept in mind that we had driven from MI and was not able to come back until the following week etc.. In the end we got the XC90 that we had been stalking and everything is great with it – I am super excited to have such a perfect replacement for my Rogue – which I did love dearly. I might even like it a little better since it has heated seats and 3 rows of seats to cram people in.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying our time off from work. It is hard to believe, but we didn’t work on one project around the house… bizarre. On Sunday we got to see our friends Jason and Sheri and their son Asher when they came to church with us and then over to Matt’s house to play the Wii. Asher even got in on the action playing a little drums and helping Matt play the guitar – I have to say at 11 months old, he is already better than I am. Monday brought another showing of the house and lots of lazy time cooking out, watching movies and enjoying the sun and warm weather. I would love to have more of those weekends – a little excitement with a little relaxation is just my style.