Monday, September 28, 2009

On The Move...

We have had a busy few weeks – that is almost an understatement. Things have been moving along with the sale of my house. We have had a lot of showings; in fact one night we had 3 showings in a row. That, of course, has kept us on the edge of our seats and busy trying to keep everything up to Martha Stewart level clean. It has paid off though – we have accepted an offer and are waiting for the inspection to be completed this Thursday. The new buyers are using a FHA loan and that makes us a little nervous, the inspections for government-assisted loans tend to be more rigorous than conventional financing. The house passed inspections for me 2 years ago, so I am sure things will be fine, but at the same time I was able to use conventional financing, so the inspection was just for my knowledge and protection, not as rigorous. So, as we await the inspection process keep us in your prayers that everything will be up to code and in good working condition.

With the sale of the house in progress we have been trying to work out a plan on moving things over to Matt’s house. The first step is getting rooms painted and the basement finished. Erin was a big help over the weekend and finished painting the last bedroom; I can’t even explain what a big help that was. Now, we are able to start setting up the office and unpacking a ton of office supplies - which means that the guest bedroom can be converted back from a storage unit into a bedroom. Matt has made a ton of progress in the basement and soon we will be able to put up shelving and start to move my storage stuff over here. If things go well we should be able to close on the house in 6 weeks, giving us the opportunity to move at a good pace.

While Erin and Matt worked on the house – I made a quick escape back to my parents’ house in order to visit with Luke, Katie and Blake while they were in town for the night. It was nice to see them and extra fun to see how much Blake has grown since we saw him in July. It is hard to believe that he is walking and it is neat to see him watching things and contemplating what is going on. The Tomasoski’s were off to Royal Oak the next day for a walk in remembrance of Auntie Rosie and I was off to Novi to meet with my friends Jenny and Chris. It was nice to be able to get away from the house work in order to have some fun with friends.