Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Week Ends

To be honest, it officially ended on Saturday the 28th as that was Matt’s birthday, but with our trip to MN and then recovering from the whirlwind adventure I have not had a chance to post yet – so this is close enough. Anyway, here is a super cute picture of Matt at age 10, notice the styling hair-do! Looking at the picture of Matt and the one of Katie and I – near the same age, I have to laugh or maybe cry a little. What were we thinking!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Week Begins

I couldn’t let the day come to an end without giving a birthday shout-out to my bestest sister-friend Katie Tomasoski. We may not have styling bangs, luxurious velvet and lace dresses, working-girl red lipstick or rocking hair bows anymore (all circa 1988 “All-A-Merry-Can-Christmas Musical”) – but we have a great friendship. Happy 29th Birthday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cough, Cough, Sniff, Sniff

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are sick enough that everything seems extra hard and very tiring, but you are not sick enough to justify staying in bed? That is exactly the type of week I just had. I am feeling so much better today and I am looking forward to some whirlwind excitement. This upcoming week is busy with a dress fitting, turning my leased Rogue in, picking out wedding bands and finishing organizing the house. We have a goal of having things back in place so that our marriage mentors from Church can come over Sunday for cookies and our final session. I made no progress last week, so I am very hopeful that things will get done Mary Poppins style. Here is the little progress that I have made so far. Mostly just getting stuff on shelves in the storage area. I am sure following their visit I will be in the closet and laundry room making a mess again as we get pack to go to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I am getting really excited for a mini-vacation … in one long weekend we will get to celebrate Thanksgiving with Matt’s family, celebrate his 29th birthday and attend a bridal shower … so much fun!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Candy For Me!

We have been so busy we decided to officially skip Halloween this year. I lieu of passing out candy we spent the evening dry-walling and painting Matt’s basement and instead of dressing up in fun costumes we were Handy Manny and some other character who does construction. In the picture you can see Matt and his resemblance or lack thereof to Handy Manny. I have to say I missed the festivities a little bit, but that was only a passing thought as I dug into the candy bowl that was now ours to eat. I never did like to share my candy.

Why so busy you ask? Well let me fill you in! Back at the beginning of October we accepted an offer on my house, which was followed up by inspections, appraisals, surveys, etc.. It is so time consuming to buy a house these days. In anticipation of having to move out of my house we have been working on Matt’s house painting, organizing, building a 4th bedroom and family room and all-around just tying up some loose ends. It has been keeping us really busy, but it makes me feel so much better that I can move my stuff in and it has a place to go. I get so ancy when things are in boxes and not organized. I really need to stop reading “Real Simple” magazine – it has me up nights printing labels for the storage boxes and marking the purchase dates on my spices. HAHA

After all our hard work and waiting on the banks we were finally able to close on the 30th of October – which was such a sense of relief - followed by a complex game plan of moving instructions. We are staying in my house until the 13th of November so over the next 2 weeks we will finish moving my things, move Erin’s things to her new apartment and move Matt to his temporary home at a friends house.

On the list for today – painting the living and dining room. Later this week – moving furniture.