Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

We had a hard time deciding what time zone to celebrate New Year’s eve in – Eastern, Central of Hawaii Standard – Since we had been in all three time zones in the past 96 hours, we decided to celebrate all three. EST New Year’s was celebrated by checking into the Ka’anapali Beach Club where we were going to stay for the next 7 days, CST New Year’s was spent over a wonderful sunset dinner on the beach at the Leilani’s Grill, and HST New Year’s was spent sleeping in bed.

I have to include some pictures of the Ka’anapali Beach Club it is such an eye sore compared to the natural surroundings. Everything in the area is so understated and blends so well except for this resort – it towers over the trees and is a hideous shade of hot pink. When I first saw it I was really nervous that the rooms would be horrible and we would regret our decision to stay there. Thank goodness when we opened the door to our suite it was beautiful. We had a great view of the West Maui Mountains and the ocean; in fact we could even see whales from our balcony. The living room and kitchen were spacious and made it really convenient to make snacks and drinks whenever we wanted and the bathroom was amazing. Seriously, if we hadn’t been in Hawaii I would have spent most of the trip in the bathroom, the room was the size of our office and it had separate sinks, a rainfall shower and you could watch TV or look out the window without even having to leave the huge soaking tub. Ahhhhh….