Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

One of the things that Matt and I were the most excited to do while on our trip was to snorkel out at Molokini, which is a sunken crater that is well known for having crystal clear waters and visibility up to 120 feet. We took a snorkel trip with Four Winds and had a great time. On our way out to the crater we saw a competition pod of about 6 whales about 100 feet from the boat, it was really extraordinary to see them so close, they are amazingly huge. The crater offered some good visibility and some colorful fish and coral. The coolest thing about snorkeling this time of year when the whales are in town is that you can actually hear the singing underwater. Along with the snorkeling the trip goes through an area called “Turtle Town” where you can get up close to the “giant” green turtles, which are named because of the color of their meat, not the color of their shells. A bonus for Matt on the snorkeling trip was winning some sort of free raffle for a T-shirt. I can’t wait to get our pictures back from this outing – I need to get into Sams and get the underwater camera developed.

I am not sure if it what the connect is, but after we were done snorkeling I was craving Chinese food – so we found a little out of the way, highly recommended place called the Chine Boat for dinner. Yum!