Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

We had heard a lot about watching the sunrise from atop of Haleakala Crater, both the good and the bad. First, the morning starts off at about 2:30 am – you have to leave the west side of the island before 3:00 am in order to make it to the summit before the sun does. Second, the temperature at the summit is a crisp 30 degrees and then drastically rises to around 70 degrees while you enjoy the view. Third, there is a chance that the sunrise will be no better than any other you have seen, but if it is a “good” day it will be amazing. I was on the fence about making the trip, but Matt was really excited to see what it was like. So, we put on as many of our winter clothes as we had brought with us, loaded up our tiny Hyundai rental car named “Ruby” and headed out at 2:45 am for the summit. Hours later when we reached the summit in the dark it was questionable as to whether it was worth it, but when the sun began to rise above the sea of clouds and was equal with our 2 mile high view – it was breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed the experienced, I even found it to be rather fun to drive both up and down the mountain, although driving the hairpin turns was much easier in the daylight, there were a few times when I thought Matt could look out his window and see his impending death. Good thing I am such an excellent driver.

After our early morning we enjoyed an early dinner at an excellent restaurant in Kahana called Roy’s. For Christmas Matt’s sister Rachel had given us a gift card to eat at Roy’s while we were on the island. It was such a fun Christmas gift and it gave us something to look forward to. Dinner at Roy’s was delicious - we had island-style pot stickers, amazing Sea Bass and a chocolate volcano for dessert. It was a great way to end a beautiful day!