Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010

We couldn’t have picked a better time to watch people surf in HUGE waves. We also couldn’t have picked a worse time to get in the water and learn to surf. Matt was a tough cookie and tried it out anyway; I on the other hand did my best to get some sun and take some good snapshots. Matt took a two-hour surf lesson through Goofy Foot Surf and from what I could hear they seemed to be really good at explaining the finer points of surfing. Matt got to test out his skills in some pretty boring waves – with his snowboarding experience I am sure he would have had more fun in some of the other areas around the island. Nevertheless, by the middle of the lesson he had it down and now is sure to make a trip back to Hawaii when the waves are a little more his style.

... Matt is going to start blogging with me, here is his big debut ...

After the rigorous session of surfing and photo-documenting we headed back to the resort to catch get some much needed R&R by the pool. Apparently the strategy for most resort-goers to get good lounge chairs is to wake up at 6AM and go down to the pool with your towels and wrap them around the chairs you would like to use later in the day – that way when you finally show up to the pool at 3PM your seats will still be reserved. Meagan informed me that this is standard protocol at resort-type places, I said that people were more laid back in Hawaii and wouldn’t do anything as silly as that – of course I was wrong. Anyway, amidst the sea of empty yet reserved lounge chairs we found two available next to each other and laid back for a few hours.

All week Meagan had a craving for Mexican food, and we found a coupon for cheap tacos at Fred’s Mexican Restaurant in Kihei. Kihei is in South Maui and we were in West Maui so we headed out early to make it there in time for dinner. Once we got there we found out that it was also “Cinco de _______(insert month here)” where on the 5th of every month they have margarita specials too. Since this was Taco Tuesday and Cinco de _____ on the same day we had about a 45 minute wait to get into the restaurant, but that worked out perfectly because the sun was setting over the ocean as we watched across the street from the public beach, again another beautiful sunset, this time no clouds to hide behind. When we got into Fred’s we devoured two bowls of their extremely tasty chips and salsa and we each had a margarita as we soaked up the atmosphere and waited for our tacos.