Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

On January 6th we finally had another morning to sleep in. We took our time getting up and decided to walk down the beach (called Airport Beach or North Ka’anapali Beach) ways to see how the snorkeling was. The walk in the soft coral sand was brutal on our knees and we got about halfway to our destination and decided to check out the beach and sea life there. Meagan soaked up some sun as I waded out with my snorkeling mask and flippers to see what I could see. The sea life was once again amazing, I could see Nemo and his classmates playing along the coral formations, little black spiky sea urchins, and many other curious fish using me for shade. The water wasn’t nearly as clear as Molokini and if all of this wasn’t happening right in front of me I wouldn’t have seen much, but it was still fun. I think the south Kona wind stirred the sand up a bit leaving the normally clear ocean water somewhat murky, but the visibility was still good to 20 feet or so. On our way back to the resort we discovered a neatly built boardwalk that brought us right back to the resort pool; saving our knees from the squishy sand for our hike back.

That afternoon we had plans to travel to Wailea so that Meagan could exchange the IOU card that I gave her on Christmas for her actual gift. Her IOU was to be redeemed “In a special place, at a special place, for a special memory, and a special place to hang it”. Meagan had the riddle solved, with a few hints, after our second day in Maui (the first special place). The second special place was our destination that afternoon, The Shops at Wailea, and once we got there the Tiffany’s store located inside the upscale shopping area. We browsed the shopping area finding that the shops were a bit too fancy and expensive for us to really get excited about shopping there, but the Tiffany’s store had exactly what we were looking for… Almost… I gave Meagan a snowflake charm for my wedding day gift to her, knowing full well that she didn’t have a bracelet to put it on. And rather than order a bracelet over the internet and wrapping it for her I decided to give her a coupon to redeem a bracelet (the special place to hang a memory) and a Honeymoon charm (the special memory) while we were in Hawaii. Unfortunately the Wailea Tiffany’s store was out of several of the popular ocean themed charms so Meagan opted to hold out on the charm until we got back and could check the selection online.

On our way back from the Shops at Wailea we stopped in Lahaina to get some dinner at Cheeseburger (formerly “in Paradise”, but no longer due to some Buffet litigation against the name). Our table was against the wall that faced the ocean, the restaurant was built on a stone wall that was right on the shore, and as we ate the waves were crashing right next to us. There was also a beautiful sunset backdrop accenting yet another one of our evening meals. On our way back to the car Meagan spotted a very pretty single black pearl strung on a silver bracelet but she decided she had enough bracelets for the day and opted to sleep on it and see if she still wanted it the next day.
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