Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic?

I was looking through some old boxes and ran across an old video from graduation. I thought it would be wise to digitize it so that as the old VHS deteriorates – the images will remain intact. It seems to look bad already and I am not sure if it is the original quality that we put on tape or time at work already. Thinking back to the process of making the video I have to laugh and find amazement in how far technology has come. The first step in the process was to video tape each and every photo, it was such a time consuming process – put the photo on the magnetic board, affix magnets, turn on super bright background lights, hit record on the video camera, count to 10, repeat. As if that wasn’t enough, once all the photos were on tape, they then needed to be edited in Media 100, each photo had to be cut into a clip, each clip had to be time stamped – then transitions had to be added. Somewhere in that process text slides were thrown in and a soundtrack was laid down. If I remember correctly the soundtrack was obtained much like the pictures, recording it by playing the CD in the technology sound booth really loud and having a VHS camera running. No wonder when you look at the video, the quality is so shotty – I am surprised there are not more instances of shadows or background music. I am sure that we had to time the taping of the soundtrack just right so that the end of school bell didn’t start ringing. I have to say, although I laugh at the rudimentary skills we had back then, I am happy we at least had a good start on the path of technology. I can't emphasize this enough – THANK GOODNESS technology has gotten better, I would never put together slideshows or digital albums if I had to do it the old way.

Concord Class of 1998 Graduation Slideshow