Monday, March 15, 2010

Creativity At Its Best!

I totally and completely love my job as an Instructor at Grand Valley. I love that I am in the classroom 2 days a week and that I can be home the rest of the time, I love that I have time to go to a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings, I love how it feels to inspire someone to change their major to Business, I love seeing the same students for 4 years and I love how they stop by your office just to say hi, I love that I have time to continue my education and complete my Ph.D., I love all of these things and more. But there is one thing that I dearly miss about my old job – the ability to be creative! Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with inspiring lectures, to make accounting fun, to present the “Fundamentals of Business” or “Management Information Systems” to students who may or may not end up business majors, but I miss the design aspect of creativity. I miss designing websites, coming up with creative tag lines, looking at Pantone decks and picking the perfect shade of Winter Blue, sitting in brainstorming meetings for product designs and using MacGyver style tools to fix computers. Nothing reminds me of my love for the creative more than when I get something completely and utterly amazing in the mail. I just received our wedding pictures from our friend, Jennifer Grant of Kate Linden Studios, and I was so impressed. The box was cleverly labeled (don't mind our ginormous kitty in the front of the picture), the tissue was perfectly folded, the card coordinated so perfectly, there were chocolates to enjoy while looking at the photos and the disks themselves were beautifully displayed in an original media case. The whole presentation was just so put together, it made me smile and long for the opportunity to be creative again. Not that I could ever live up to the standard that Jennifer has set, but I would love to try. I photo-documented the whole thing – I plan to add it to my lecture on branding – it is such a great example.