Monday, March 1, 2010

Dining Room Updates...

We have made some great progress on the dining room, although we have tried to pace it out a little bit - in order to enjoy some Winter sports and so that I could have eye surgery. It is always about this point in our projects when I start to get really excited and really want to get it done. There is not too much left, so hopefully that will be the case over the next couple of weekends.

Above is a before and after of the built-in. The original built-in was made of the same cabinets as the kitchen and since we know we will have to work on that room next, we decided to just paint the cabinets, as opposed to replacing them. We did decide that we would replace the old wood countertops with new stone-effect ones. So, to fix it up, we painted the cabinets a high gloss white, we added new hardware and drawer slides, we installed new black stone-effect countertop and I laid down a sample of the new floor that we are going to install.

Besides finishing up the built-in we have also been working on the ceiling. You can see in the before picture that they had non-load-bearing beams throughout the dining room. It really made the room feel small and brought the ceiling down. I had really wanted to remove these, but we didn't know how hard it would be and if there would be ceiling damage to repair. I was pleasantly surprised when Matt and I were able to take them down in a matter of minutes with only minor touch up required. It may not be a huge difference on camera, but it makes a big difference to me to have the beams gone. I need to paint the ceiling later this week, but here is a shot of Matt working on the removal and an after shot with the beams down.

The last thing that I have really been working on is the trim. What a pain in my butt! The entire house has dark stained pine trim, it makes the house look very dated. The stain is an old stubborn varnish- shellac -nastiness, so it is impossible to paint over. I am determined to get all the stained wood painted white, so I have created a process that seems to work quite well. It takes about 3 times longer then it should, but I have about half the trim done and I am pleased with the results.