Monday, March 8, 2010

Going Digital..Might Make Me Go Crazy

My friend Michelle is amazing when it comes to the organization and safe-keeping of her photos and videos. She immediately titles all her pictures, saves them to her hard drive, makes a back-up copy to a CD and prints them out. She even goes as far as to scrapbook the ones she prints. She never is looking for specific photos or scanning a pile of unmarked VHS tapes looking for a particular event. After working with her for several years I got really inspired and tried to learn her ways – and for the most part I have been good about saving and burning copies of my photos. Now, that I have mastered this art with my current photos, I thought I would try and go back in time to undo the mess that was created. I had my parents collect up all the old VHS tapes around the house and I am hoping to digitize them and burn them to DVDs for safe keeping … a simple task you might say – sure- but here is a sample of the pile of tapes that I am dealing with. Yikes. And to make matters a little more challenging, most of them are not titled, which means that I will be watching hours of old tapes just to identify what is captured on them. I have started working on my first tape and briefly had the thought that it is worth the $25.00 per tape to have a company do the work for me, but then I thought better of it and figured I could send myself on vacation at the end of all this editing with the money I will save. Warm whether, ocean breezes and all-you-can-eat seafood buffets here I come!