Monday, March 22, 2010

What A Difference 3 Months Makes ...

On a beautiful morning like this – lots of sunshine, almost green grass and birds chirping – it is hard to believe that only a short time ago we were bundling up to get married on a chilly and snowy day. With such a stark juxtaposition I decided to embed two slideshows to share pictures from that day. The first one was the “day of, sans edit” slideshow that Jennifer and Dan Grant from Kate Linden Studios put together for us so that we could take it to Minnesota over Christmas to share with family and friends that couldn’t make it to Michigan for the wedding. We are so thankful that Jennifer was able to make this show for us, she worked so hard the last hour or so of the reception to get it done and she is so talented that even though the pictures are not edited they are amazing. The second slideshow is the one that we got with our fun package in the mail!

Matthew & Meagan Wedding Images Slideshow 1

Matthew & Meagan Wedding Image Slideshow 2