Thursday, April 22, 2010

Next Food Network Star? From Concord? Maybe...

Erin sent me a link to this the other day, which was just in time, as I have almost written off watching Food Network (my former favorite station.) In fact, I have been dreading the new lineup on Food Network and miss "real" cooking shows where they actually do something more than have "cook-offs" and stupid competitions, however with this recent change in events, I might be sucked in for part of the season.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Removing The Kitsch From The Kitchen!

Yeah, yeah I know. I have yet to finish the dining room and I am on to renovating the kitchen. No, I don’t have adult onset attention deficit disorder, in actuality the 2 rooms connect and the only things left to do in the dining room involve the connecting walls and ceiling. So with that being said, it is on to the renovation of the kitchen. With the scope of the project I did my best Candace Olsen impression and marked out all that needs to be done. I didn’t have a recent picture of the kitchen so I used one from the listing when Matt bought the house 5 years ago. Lucky for me the sunflower wreath had already been removed! So far with the help of my mom I have made huge progress on painting the cabinets, but the rest is still to be done.