Monday, May 31, 2010

May Days - What Days - The Month Is Already Over!

I have no idea where May went... literally it flew by so fast I don’t think I even had time to write one May date on a correspondence.

The month started out on a flood of mixed emotion, Matt and I were able to escape to Myrtle Beach for a few days to celebrate my “official” school year being over and my birthday, but our trip, as previously documented in an earlier post, was overshadowed with the news that my Papa had some bleeding on his brain and needed to undergo surgery. We drove straight back to Jackson and headed to the hospital to spend his last days with him. The entire ordeal completely caught me off guard and the sadness of his death was difficult to handle. We had just enjoyed lunch to celebrate my birthday as a family, no more than a week before, so the dramatic change in his health was a painful reminder that life here on Earth is so precious. We spent the majority of the first two weeks of May back home with my family celebrating Papa’s life through shared memories, pictures and attending his funeral. It is always comforting; no matter the situation, to be back home in our small church surrounded by so many neighbors, friends and family. A detail that I took for granted for so many years and something that can be difficult to establish in a larger city like Grand Rapids.

Once things settled down back in Concord, Matt and I headed back up to Grand Rapids to return to work and for me to go back and teach Spring classes at GVSU. It is at this point in remembering the month that I am not sure what happened. I cannot remember what filled up the rest of the month, outside of teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays and working around the house the rest of the week, I don’t know where the days went. I did go see Beth Moore one of the weekends and we have made some great progress on the house – painting interior doors, finishing touch-ups on the kitchen and working in the yard. And this past weekend we spent Friday having breakfast, getting new tires on my car, running errands at Sams Club, etc… Saturday we helped Erin move to her new apartment, Sunday we had a cook-out with family and Monday we just relaxed…. I suppose in the month of June I need to make a better effort to document what I spend all my time on!