Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Tonight!

I was never a fan of dc Talk, but I grew interested in TobyMac when he broke out on his own and wrote “Made To Love,” a few years back. Since then I have wanted to see him in concert and I finally got a chance this past week. The timing worked out perfectly, I was “officially” done with the semester and Matt only had to turn in a project in his class, so we both had a “free” evening. The concert featured Chris Tomlin, whom I also like, but I wouldn’t really say that he does the best in the performance arena. His voice is fantastic, but his stage presence is lacking a little. TobyMac was similar to what I expected, however I could have lived without the dc Talk songs that they played. Overall the night was very enjoyable we had dinner downtown, walked to the arena and just enjoyed having a big city in our backyard.