Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day In Duluth

Usually I am the trip planner in our family, I think it stems from the hours of travel agent that I used to play in our basement and the many family vacations that I have been on, but this time Matt was in charge of planning a mini-getaway on our drive home from Minneapolis’s. He chose to take me to Duluth and to show me some of the many sites that he remember from childhood vacations with his family; although, we did avoid the restaurant where on one trip to Duluth with his family Matt had some glass shards in his waffle. We had a great time and it was fun to let him deal with all the little details. We started the day walking around the Canal Park area where we stopped into the Maritime Museum, watched a few boats go under the Aerial Lift Bridge and had snacks and drinks at Grandma’s Restaurant. After some additional sightseeing activities we got ready for dinner, which was a treat from Matt’s parents. We arranged to have dinner at the rotating restaurant around 6pm knowing that a large freighter was scheduled to come under the bridge and into the harbor around 7pm. Based on our calculations it would take one hour to eat dinner and revolve around putting us in the perfect position at 7pm to see the freighter, unfortunately the timing of the boat was a little off and we missed it. Oh well, it was still a very good night out and a reason to go back to Duluth in the future.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome To The World Baby Andrew

A big congratulations goes out to the Tomasoski family who is celebrating the birth of their son Andrew Luke. Andrew was born today at 12:23pm and weighs 9lbs and 2oz and is 21" long.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Say Yah To Da UP

It seems that we have started a new tradition of visiting Minnesota over the 4th of July holiday and then taking the long way home through the Upper Peninsula to visit the Tomasoski family. This year was extra exciting as “Tomasoski Baby Number Two” was estimated to be born any day. Secretly, I was hoping that the baby would be born before we got there so that we could celebrate or even better would be born while we were there so that we could help out with Blake. However, Baby Two had other plans, possibly Blake and Baby Two were in cahoots to get us up there again this summer, Blake does love to play with Uncle Matt. Outside of waiting we spent most of the two days playing with Blake, chatting and staying cool. Personally, I think that Baby Two is waiting until it is cooler to come out. I don’t blame the baby, I am not a fan of the humidity either.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lovely Lake Minnetonka

We had barely made it to Wisconsin Smells (aka. The Wisconsin Dells) on our way to Minnesota for the 4th of July Holiday, when we got a call to let us know that if we could make it in time we could go out on Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat’s boat to watch the sunset. Not that we had any plans to loiter at the McDonalds in The Smells, but the call encouraged us to down our delicious corn fed, pharmaceutical-engorged value meals. Back on I-94 we were on track to make it to the boat within plenty of time however our plan was almost foiled by unusually slow Winnebagos driving in the left lane and a mattress that narrowly missed the Volvo as it flew off a poorly engineered pile of moving items. No worse for wear we thoroughly enjoyed our decompression time on the boat, Lake Minnetonka is beautiful and on that night it was especially peaceful, we even saw some la-la-loons. Above and beyond the beauty of nature it was delightful to talk with Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat and to spend some extra time with Matt’s Mom and Brother Stephen.