Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lovely Lake Minnetonka

We had barely made it to Wisconsin Smells (aka. The Wisconsin Dells) on our way to Minnesota for the 4th of July Holiday, when we got a call to let us know that if we could make it in time we could go out on Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat’s boat to watch the sunset. Not that we had any plans to loiter at the McDonalds in The Smells, but the call encouraged us to down our delicious corn fed, pharmaceutical-engorged value meals. Back on I-94 we were on track to make it to the boat within plenty of time however our plan was almost foiled by unusually slow Winnebagos driving in the left lane and a mattress that narrowly missed the Volvo as it flew off a poorly engineered pile of moving items. No worse for wear we thoroughly enjoyed our decompression time on the boat, Lake Minnetonka is beautiful and on that night it was especially peaceful, we even saw some la-la-loons. Above and beyond the beauty of nature it was delightful to talk with Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat and to spend some extra time with Matt’s Mom and Brother Stephen.