Thursday, July 8, 2010

Say Yah To Da UP

It seems that we have started a new tradition of visiting Minnesota over the 4th of July holiday and then taking the long way home through the Upper Peninsula to visit the Tomasoski family. This year was extra exciting as “Tomasoski Baby Number Two” was estimated to be born any day. Secretly, I was hoping that the baby would be born before we got there so that we could celebrate or even better would be born while we were there so that we could help out with Blake. However, Baby Two had other plans, possibly Blake and Baby Two were in cahoots to get us up there again this summer, Blake does love to play with Uncle Matt. Outside of waiting we spent most of the two days playing with Blake, chatting and staying cool. Personally, I think that Baby Two is waiting until it is cooler to come out. I don’t blame the baby, I am not a fan of the humidity either.