Friday, September 17, 2010

Michigan Brewers Guild Festival

I recently ran across some pictures from a beer fest that we attended earlier in the summer so I thought I should finally get them added to the blog. The beer fest was in Ypsilanti, so it was a nice opportunity to see my friends Sara and Paul, both of whom live in the metro area. I was a little worried that the event was going to be canceled based on the horrible weather, but you can’t even tell from the pictures that the night before there was tornado warnings, flood advisories and down pours. Many parts of the park where the event was held was still flooded with mud and most people wore rain boots, but Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and thanks to my friend Paul we had a great place to enjoy the day… near the river with cool breezes and under the shade of some trees, thank goodness since in the sun it was at least 100 degrees. Our friends Amanda and Max also made the trip from Grand Rapids and they joined us about half way through the afternoon, just in time to enjoy some great food, craft brews and good conversation.