Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Trips To See The Twins

It has become a yearly tradition in the Knoll household that we attend at least two Twins games a year. This summer was no exception as we first saw them play at the new Target field over the 4th of July weekend and then most recently when we saw them play the Tigers in Detroit. Our first trip to Target field was really cool, it is a beautiful park. Although, as I was sitting there in 100 degree heat using the bathroom as often as possible to sit in the air conditioning, I found myself wondering why they thought it was a good idea to move to an outside stadium. Similarly, as the back of my sweaty thighs stuck to the new plastic seats I remembered back to my experience at the old stadium – ahhh air conditioning, artificial lighting, and no whining about the heat. I know that Matt and other nostalgic baseball fans would argue that baseball is meant to be played outside and that the old stadium was not made for baseball, but uggghh, how can you pass up air conditioning? Nevertheless, we had a really fun day at the game, Matt’s sister and brother joined us and a good time was had by all. The game started off with para-troopers dropping down on the field, followed by two homeruns by the Twins and ending with some excellent people watching. Unfortunately the Twins didn’t win that game against the Rays. Since the new Target field is right downtown, after the game we had a delicious dinner at Fogo’s Brazilian Steakhouse, which is quickly becoming one of our favorite types of cuisine. Our second trip to see the Twins was just a few weeks ago when they played the Tigers. We went to the game with my parents which was a really fun outing and it gave Matt someone more knowledgeable to talk baseball with, while my mom and I enjoyed people watching and peanuts. It was a beautiful night for a game and to many of our delights the Tigers won. In fact, just as a point of reference, we have never been to a Twins game when they won. I am starting to think I am an albatross around Joe Mauer’s neck.