Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week Six

Week six started out with an early morning appointment to have our second ultrasound. The baby is looking healthy, measuring exactly at six weeks and its heartbeat went from 112 to 120 beats per minute in only two days, they said it will continue to increase until it peaks in a week or so. The strange spot on my ovary has not grown since the first ultrasound, but they are still going to keep an eye on it along with keeping an eye on my HCG levels. Week six has also brought on some waves of nausea and dry heaving, although it has been pretty manageable so far. Saltine crackers first thing in the morning and right before I fall asleep has been the key to keeping the nausea at bay along with sips of ginger ale and sour candies during the day. When I am not feeling queasy I have been craving everything salty – green olives, chips/salsa/guacamole, cucumbers with salt and sour cream and McDonalds French fries. I have also been extremely tired; naps are now a daily occurrence and at about two pm everyday you can find me on the couch asleep in the sun. I know the naps are good for the baby so I am more than willing to partake and it does help keep me out of trouble, I am getting stir crazy not working on projects around the house, so the fatigue has helped keep things in perspective.

6 weeks: Baby is the size of a lentil

Your baby is as long as a lentil (about 1/4 inch).