Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week Sixteen

Week sixteen was highlighted with another good appointment with Dr. Lown. The heartbeat is still strong and we are measuring right on track. We were able to schedule our 20 week ultrasound for December 14th and we are excited to see our little one again. I have also been able to feel the baby move more and more often, it has gone from an everyday or every other day event to a few times a day. Since I cut back on caffeine for the duration of the pregnancy the baby becomes especially active when I splurge on cherry coke. The movements are still too subtle for Matt to feel, but I am hoping that will change in the near future. We also worked on putting on some pounds by eating out three days in a row.. yum! I got to visit my girlfriends from grad school in Lansing for dinner on Thursday, it was so much fun and long overdue, we realized that we hadn't had a chance to visit since August of 2009. Then Matt and I went to my favorite chain Bonefish Grill for some delicious chowder and salmon with our friends Max and Amanda on Friday. And finally, a few pounds heavier we went out to eat with Erin and a new local spot The Twisted Rooster on Saturday. Ahh.. I do love eating out, I blame it on Big Jim, he helped me develop my palate as a kid. At the end of our sixteenth week we made the drive out to Minnesota to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas, surprisingly the drive was a little more uncomfortable than usual, but I was excited to use the seat warmers as a way to relax my tense lower back muscles.

16 weeks: Baby is the size of an avocado
Your baby measures up to an avocado, now, and weighs 3 1/2 ounces. (Length: 4 1/2 inches, head to bottom.)