Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Year Of Paper

Traditionally on your first anniversary you are supposed to give gifts of paper.. . books, stationary, love letters, etc. Matt and I figured what better paper to give each other than the gift of the title to a new house. Well, actually that was not our original gift idea, but as things fell into place, the timing made it possible for us to spend our first night at the new house on our anniversary weekend. The idea of buying a house together has been on our minds since we got married. With each of us having had our own homes it was important to us to buy something that was a special combination of our likes and dislikes and something that was going to be “ours.” We weren’t really in the market, but we found the perfect house that seemed like it was built just for us. We went into the buying process knowing that it was a foreclosure and a good value, but we had no idea that it would end with lots of drama due to the rules and regulations of the new mortgage laws and the crack down on Fannie Mae. But alas after lots of back and forth the house and a large extra piece of property fell in our laps – we knew it was meant to be at that point. Now, we are happily making lists and planning projects for the upcoming year. Although we love the house just the way it is, the “fixers” in us can’t wait to clean up the rough edges and make this diamond in the rough shine. First things on the list; decorating Lilly’s room and getting a big comfy couch for the family room. I promised Matt that I would hold off from any major renovations and painting until after May… so until then I get to focus on tasks that don’t involve extension ladders or removing tiles.