Friday, October 22, 2010

"Falling" In Love

We are officially in love, smitten, head over heels with our little baby Knoll. Sure, it has only been twelve weeks since we found out we were blessed, but we are already counting the days until we get to meet our little one. We have been waiting until our twelve week appointment to announce our news, and now we can't wait to share our excitement with everyone. We put together some blogs to chronicle the weeks leading up to today.

Week Twelve

Week twelve means that we made it through two ultrasounds, a handful of appointments and two experiences of hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler. We are ecstatic that things are going well. At our appointment this week we heard the heartbeat again and it was still a strong 160 bpm, we questioned the Dr. if that would mean a boy or girl and he just laughed - guess we will have to try the string test and drain-o test after all. I hear they are very accurate and scientific. Until, then we will continue to drool over all the fun baby things in neutral colors.

12 weeks: Baby is the size of a lime
Your baby is, by this time, the size of a lime and weighs 1/2 ounce. (Length: just over 2 inches, head to bottom.)

Week Eleven

Week eleven was an landmark week, mid-term examination week, which means we have made it through half the semester and have not had to run out of class sick. Yea! I have to admit at the start of the semester I was concerned that my 8:30 class might be an issue, but so far so good. I have also started to feel a tad more energetic, my naps now only take up one daytime TV show and some days I can actually skip it all together, I feel so accomplished. I still have not had much of an appetite and I have fought to maintain my desired weight, I am hoping that soon my appetite will return and I will be able to work on adding that pound a week.

11 weeks: Baby is the size of a fig
Your baby is now about as big as a fig. (Length: just over 1 1/2 inches, head
to bottom.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week Ten

Week ten means that the baby is the size of a kumquat, I wish that I wanted to eat a kumquat or anything for that matter. This week I have had no appetite, nothing sounds good and everything gives me heartburn. I read somewhere that heartburn may mean a full head of hair on baby, based on the level of my discomfort, this baby may come out looking like a Sasquatch. Yikes. This was the last week of our favorite ice cream place, so we made sure to stop by on the last day and get as much bubble gum ice cream as we possibly could; to store in the freezer, I just know when my appetite comes back I will want some super bad. The weather continues to be beautiful and I can't help but want to clean, purge clutter and then take a nap in the sun.

10 weeks: Baby is the size of a kumquat
Your baby, now barely the size of a kumquat, weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. (Length: a little over 1 inch, head to bottom.)

Week Nine

Week nine was filled with beautiful weather and we tried to take full advantage of it - by being outside as much as possible. We spent some "exercise time" walking around Art Prize and some work time cleaning out the closets and having the windows wide open. It is going to be hard to see this weather go, but I am looking forward to big cuddly sweaters and more comfy pants. Not much has changed regarding our lack of energy or queasiness - although it has seemed to be better in the mornings and only really get bothersome after dinner time, that is an a little bit of an improvement. The big disappointment this week was finding out that Wendy's no longer offers Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese, I nearly, and by that I mean, I did, have a break down when I heard the news. If only Wendy - daughter of Dave Thomas - had been there herself .. they would have Bacon and Cheese Potatoes on the menu again in no time.

9 weeks: Baby is the size of a grape
Your baby has grown to the size of a grape, weighs a fraction of an ounce, and is almost 1 inch long.

Week Eight

Week eight started out with out first official appointment with our OB. Granted we have seen him almost every week so far, but this is the first appointment where we talked do's and don't s, family history and what the schedule will look like for the next month or so. Things seems to remain on track even with the painfully large spot (cyst/ mass) on my ovary. We are continuing to track it and hopefully by twelve weeks it will begin to shrink, if not we can look at surgical reduction methods, until then we are praying that it doesn't burst and that it continues to supply the baby with all the needed hormones. At the end of the appointment we were delighted to hear the heartbeat via Doppler, due to the fact we are only eight weeks along the Dr. didn't know if he could find it, but within the first few seconds he had it picked-up and recorded it at 160bpm's - it sounded healthy to all of us and the Dr. reassured us is was a very good sign. Outside of our appointment the baby went to its first official Tigers vs. Twins baseball game and enjoyed some delicious nacho cheese and pretzels and a large glass of ginger ale. The baby, however, was not, enjoying the smells of onions, onion rings, hot dogs or chili.

8 weeks: Baby is the size of a kidney bean
Your baby -- now comparable to the size of a kidney bean (just over 1/2 inch long) -- is constantly moving and shifting.

Week Seven

Week seven seemed to be pretty uneventful considering all of the excitement we have had the past few weeks. The nausea and dry heaving continue and I am getting better and managing it. Although, every once in a while a student will have coffee in my class and I can barely breath. Naps continue to be a daily occurrence and they have now started to interrupt my daily friendship with Ellen, oh well, we will have all summer to get reacquainted. On a side note, I have been staying to my Dr's scheduled weight gain, but this past week I popped a button off my pants... I was a little surprised that they were so snug so soon, I rather blame it on poor craftsmanship.

7 weeks: Baby is the size of a blueberry
Your baby, having doubled in size since last week, is as big as a blueberry (about 1/2 inch in length).

Week Six

Week six started out with an early morning appointment to have our second ultrasound. The baby is looking healthy, measuring exactly at six weeks and its heartbeat went from 112 to 120 beats per minute in only two days, they said it will continue to increase until it peaks in a week or so. The strange spot on my ovary has not grown since the first ultrasound, but they are still going to keep an eye on it along with keeping an eye on my HCG levels. Week six has also brought on some waves of nausea and dry heaving, although it has been pretty manageable so far. Saltine crackers first thing in the morning and right before I fall asleep has been the key to keeping the nausea at bay along with sips of ginger ale and sour candies during the day. When I am not feeling queasy I have been craving everything salty – green olives, chips/salsa/guacamole, cucumbers with salt and sour cream and McDonalds French fries. I have also been extremely tired; naps are now a daily occurrence and at about two pm everyday you can find me on the couch asleep in the sun. I know the naps are good for the baby so I am more than willing to partake and it does help keep me out of trouble, I am getting stir crazy not working on projects around the house, so the fatigue has helped keep things in perspective.

6 weeks: Baby is the size of a lentil

Your baby is as long as a lentil (about 1/4 inch).

Week Five

Week five was my first full week back at school. I have my usual schedule and teach from about 8:30 to 2:00 on Tuesday and Thursdays. In the past I usually just snacked between classes and then ate my meals when I got home, but I realized this week that I might have to adjust my usual. I have been starving all week and my 15-min breaks between classes have left me with little time to eat. I made a run to the grocery store to stock up on fast foods to have in my office – right now fruit and string cheese has been the perfect solution. I also didn’t realize how little time I have to use the bathroom, my new pregnancy bladder has me looking forward to the end of my classes to just to make it to the bathroom, this should be an interesting semester! In the middle of week five I had some scant spotting, I called my OB and they sent me to the lab to get a blood draw. My levels came back good HCG of 13800 and Progesterone of 31. They said that there is not much to worry about, but they scheduled me for my first ultrasound at five weeks five days. The ultrasound went well and they were able to see the baby’s heartbeat, it was 112 beats per minute, perfectly normal for a heart that just started beating. They did recognize a strange spot on my ovary and scheduled me for another ultrasound at exactly week six.

5 weeks: Baby is the size of a sesame seed
Your baby has grown to the size of a sesame seed, looking more like a tiny tadpole than a human.

Week Four

At four weeks I decided to take a home pregnancy test to see if we were pregnant. I had a sneaky suspicion since the Saturday before (10 days post ovulation) that I might be pregnant, I was already experience early signs of pregnancy, but was really busy with getting ready to go back to school, so I waited it out until four weeks two days. As soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test I called my GP to see if I could come in and have them validate it with a blood test, sure enough we were pregnant. Matt had been working late all week on a project for work, so I racked my brain for a creative way to tell him when he finally got home. I decided to stop by the pet store and Hobby Lobby on my way home to pick up some supplies. I got enough stuff to make a special dress for Mrs. Whiskers to wear, it seemed the most logical way to tell him since she is our “furbaby.” The top of the dress had the words “I have a secret…” and then under the tu-tu skirt it said “I’m going to be a big sister.” When Matt got home I sent Mrs. Whiskers to the door to meet him and he was very surprised. I have been feeling really healthy and have only been experiencing fatigue and “growing pains.”

4 weeks: Baby is the size of a poppy seed
Your baby -- now officially an embryo -- is about the size of a poppy seed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Trips To See The Twins

It has become a yearly tradition in the Knoll household that we attend at least two Twins games a year. This summer was no exception as we first saw them play at the new Target field over the 4th of July weekend and then most recently when we saw them play the Tigers in Detroit. Our first trip to Target field was really cool, it is a beautiful park. Although, as I was sitting there in 100 degree heat using the bathroom as often as possible to sit in the air conditioning, I found myself wondering why they thought it was a good idea to move to an outside stadium. Similarly, as the back of my sweaty thighs stuck to the new plastic seats I remembered back to my experience at the old stadium – ahhh air conditioning, artificial lighting, and no whining about the heat. I know that Matt and other nostalgic baseball fans would argue that baseball is meant to be played outside and that the old stadium was not made for baseball, but uggghh, how can you pass up air conditioning? Nevertheless, we had a really fun day at the game, Matt’s sister and brother joined us and a good time was had by all. The game started off with para-troopers dropping down on the field, followed by two homeruns by the Twins and ending with some excellent people watching. Unfortunately the Twins didn’t win that game against the Rays. Since the new Target field is right downtown, after the game we had a delicious dinner at Fogo’s Brazilian Steakhouse, which is quickly becoming one of our favorite types of cuisine. Our second trip to see the Twins was just a few weeks ago when they played the Tigers. We went to the game with my parents which was a really fun outing and it gave Matt someone more knowledgeable to talk baseball with, while my mom and I enjoyed people watching and peanuts. It was a beautiful night for a game and to many of our delights the Tigers won. In fact, just as a point of reference, we have never been to a Twins game when they won. I am starting to think I am an albatross around Joe Mauer’s neck.