Friday, February 18, 2011

Week Twenty-Eight

Week twenty eight was highlighted by a trip to the Dr's for a check-up and ultrasound. We started the appointment with the required glucose test, which I didn't think tasted half as bad as I thought it would, then we spent 45 minutes with the ultrasound tech. We weren't originally scheduled for another ultrasound during the remainder of our pregnancy, but since I had a low lying placenta, it gave us another sneak peak at Lilly. Everything looks great and my placenta has moved into the appropriate place for a natural delivery. Lilly now weighs 2 pounds 8 oz .. right on track, she should be about 3 pounds at 30 weeks. She has already rotated head down and the Dr. doesn't think that she will move out of that position before delivery, but it could happen. During the ultrasound she was very active due to the glucose test, so the tech had a really hard time getting pictures of her face, plus her face is facing my spine so that made it even more difficult. We are now schedule to go back for a check-up every 2 weeks, I have a feeling with the increase in appointments the Spring is going to fly by. As if seeing our little one wasn't enough of a Valentine's week treat, Matt surprised me with flowers and the diaper bag that I had been coveting. I am super excited to start packing it up with essentials! My how much Valentine's Day has changed from getting excited over romantic bobbles to now getting geeked over a new diaper bag. We ended our week celebrating our friend Daryl's birthday in Grand Haven. I have to say I couldn't appreciate the smoking ban more, it was so nice to be able to visit any establishment and eat and converse without worrying about Lilly's health. I am sure the pizza tasted better, just because of the fresh air.

28 weeks: Baby is the size of a Chinese cabbage
Your baby is equal in weight to a Chinese cabbage -- about 2 1/4 pounds. (Length: almost 15 inches, from head to heel.)