Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week Twenty-Seven

Week twenty-seven has me feeling a little stir crazy, I am not sure if it is the sun that we have been enjoying post blizzard or if it is large amount of time that we have been spending indoors. Whatever the cause I have been looking for reasons to get out of the house and do things. Although it is not much of an outing, I have been souring ads looking for good prices on diapers and wipes and making the rounds to stock up. We have also been spending time looking for wall art and organizational items for the nursery, I see a trip to IKEA in our near future. We were planning on taking a short trip to Chicago for a birthday party to enjoy a night out, but that was foiled by the blizzard, so instead we stayed close to home and went to a new restaurant/brewery with some friends - probably the best burger and fries I have had in a long time. Lilly continues to grow, I know this because her foot is constantly in my right rib cage and I figure she must be running out of room in the large comfortable part of my uterus. I would hate to admit that she is stubborn and just likes her foot there, especially since it is not a pleasant feeling for me. This week marked the end of our birth class and I am sad that it is already over. I seriously could go once a week until our delivery and find it helpful, but I guess a 15 week class is a little bit much. We are scheduled for a hospital tour and breastfeeding class in the next month so, that should be interesting and helpful - I am curious to see how the information varies from source to source. In other news I made it through my yearly contract renewal process and I am so happy to be done - it is quite the process of preparing a portfolio of teaching and research materials, having your colleagues review them, answering any questions that they have and then waiting for them to vote for approval. The upside, we did have cake to celebrate, so Lilly was not complaining and now I have another year to prepare for the next renewal process. Which, I might add I plan to do from our new sectional that was finally delivered. We ordered it back around the 1st of the year and have patiently been waiting for its arrival. Temporarily we set up the futon in the family room and I was so over sitting on it. Now, Matt and I and about 4 other people can relax in comfort on cozy gray couch. I took a trip to Field's Fabric and found some great coordinating fabrics that I plan to make pillows out of and recover my trusty old Poang chair. Ahh ...I love the idea of a new project! Although, Matt is dreading the day in the near future when I come home with new carpet and paint samples ... it will happen.

27 weeks: Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower
Your baby is as hefty as a head of cauliflower, weighing in at almost 2 pounds. (Length: about 14 1/2 inches.)