Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lillian Grace: One Month Old

So many changes have taken place in the past month, some so little only we notice, some so big everyone can tell.

Lilly has become a very consistent eater; every three hours no matter what. If we forget and go a little too long she lets us know, first with some bellows and then with a piggy snort or two. Her consistent eating schedule has helped her grow from 5 lbs. 13 oz. to 7 lbs. 5 oz. and stretch from 18.5 inches to 21.5 inches. Her diapers are starting to fit better and she is now able to wear some of the super cute outfits she has been given as gifts.

Unfortunately, with the increase in eating she has also been experiencing some gas pains. Oh how she hates gas. She will wiggle, stretch, clench her fists and yell in an attempt to get the gas out. It breaks our hearts when she gets so uncomfortable, but as soon as it passes she becomes the content baby that we know and love.

Swaddling is still something that Lilly enjoys greatly and we keep her swaddled whenever she is sleeping. After a good long nap when we take her out of her swaddle she has developed a little stretching routine. I hope to get it on video someday as it is adorable … first her arms, then her legs and finally her head and neck. Upon completion of her stretching routine she is ready to eat, vary from her plan and she is not a happy camper (I am guessing she is going to take after her momma with her ability to plan.)

And, oh how she adores her family and friends. She is quite content to be held and loved by any and every family member or friend that comes to visit. No need to change the sheets in her crib as most naps take place in the arms of someone who loves her. Of course on the occasional day that there is not a visitor she finds great enjoyment laying in her crib with her Baby Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin or lullabies playing looking at her butterfly mobile until she drifts off to sleep.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day At The Baby Spa

No more sponge baths for this little lady of leisure … Lilly has now officially transition to tub baths. Notice her super stylish pink tub, part of a spa themed gift from the Horosko/Tomasoski Families. At first Lilly was not too sure she liked the experience, but a few minutes into the adventure she started to enjoy the warm water and super-heated bathroom air. I think she remember how much she loved to take baths back when she was in utero and it took her to a happy place. By the time we got to washing her hair she was thoroughly delighted with her Aveda inspired scalp massage and almost gave us a smile of approval. She may not look like her momma but she does enjoy the finer things in life like her momma … Aveda scalp massages, long hot baths, super-heated bathroom air, warm towels, etc.. I think there is a momma/daughter spa day in our future!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RiverBank Run .. Rather .. Sit and Watch

This past Saturday my mom and I got up extra early, which really for me meant that I didn’t go back to sleep after Lilly’s four am feeding, and we drove downtown to see Erin and Jake run the RiverBank 5k. It was a horrible day to watch a race, rainy and cold, but lucky for us I had a perfect spot staked out to stand. Surprisingly no one else had the same idea and we were the only ones to stand under the overpass to spectate. In fact, even better we were able to sit on the bus stop bench, under the overpass, and we didn’t get wet and my legs didn’t get tired. Anyway, I digress, but I am so proud of my viewing location. Erin and Jake did a great job and I am super proud of Erin for the all hard work she put into training. I would never be able to run a race, unless someone was chasing me down or they had brought back cheesy tots to Burger King and you had to be first in line to get some.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cover Girl

A few days after Lilly was born we had our friend Tricia Brummel of Frame by Frame Photography come to our house and do some newborn shots. Tricia was so kind and spent a ton of time with us capturing all these amazing photos. I am so glad that we found the time and energy to capture these moments. Here are some of our favorites from the day.

Small Wonders

2011 - Year of the Rabbit
Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. Can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, stubborn.

We Are Family

Safe In Our Arms

Our Sleepy Girl

Lady of Leisure

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lilly: One Week Old

It is hard to believe that Lilly is already one week old, people are not kidding when they say time zooms by when you have kids. It may be the lack of sleep and all the days and nights running together, but I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. But alas, we have had seven wonderful days with our Lilly and we are so giddy to share them with you. Early in the week we made our first trip to the Dr. to have our first well baby check-up, our Dr. is awesome and spent 45 minutes just talking to us about our questions and checking out the little peanut. We were a little concerned at Lilly's weight, as it had dropped a whole pound since she was born, but the Dr. encouraged us to keep breast feeding and supplement with breast milk in a bottle at each feeding to help her consume more calories. A week later and that has done the trick, she is now back up to her birth weight and very happy to have a constantly full belly.

We also took our first venture into the world of baby bathing, which was a success. Lilly loved warm baths when she was developing, so it was no surprise that she loved the warm water sponge bath we gave her. Her only complaint was that she disliked only having one area of her body covered by the wash cloth at a time, I can’t wait for her cord stump to fall off so that we can give her a proper bath.

The end of the week was a special treat as we were able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day at our house. My mom and grandma along with my dad, Uncle Mark, Erin and Jake all made the trip over for lunch and relaxation on the sun porch. It was a perfect afternoon. Lilly got to meet Great-Namma Luttenton for the first time, which meant we had four-generations of Luttenton’s together. It was a special treat that demanded a special photo op.

We also had a special visit from the Oostings which is always a lot of fun, Asher was too cute with Little Lillian and gave her lots of adoring glances … maybe it is the beginning of true love. After so much activity Lilly had the right idea, it was time for a nap!