Monday, May 9, 2011

Lilly: One Week Old

It is hard to believe that Lilly is already one week old, people are not kidding when they say time zooms by when you have kids. It may be the lack of sleep and all the days and nights running together, but I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. But alas, we have had seven wonderful days with our Lilly and we are so giddy to share them with you. Early in the week we made our first trip to the Dr. to have our first well baby check-up, our Dr. is awesome and spent 45 minutes just talking to us about our questions and checking out the little peanut. We were a little concerned at Lilly's weight, as it had dropped a whole pound since she was born, but the Dr. encouraged us to keep breast feeding and supplement with breast milk in a bottle at each feeding to help her consume more calories. A week later and that has done the trick, she is now back up to her birth weight and very happy to have a constantly full belly.

We also took our first venture into the world of baby bathing, which was a success. Lilly loved warm baths when she was developing, so it was no surprise that she loved the warm water sponge bath we gave her. Her only complaint was that she disliked only having one area of her body covered by the wash cloth at a time, I can’t wait for her cord stump to fall off so that we can give her a proper bath.

The end of the week was a special treat as we were able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day at our house. My mom and grandma along with my dad, Uncle Mark, Erin and Jake all made the trip over for lunch and relaxation on the sun porch. It was a perfect afternoon. Lilly got to meet Great-Namma Luttenton for the first time, which meant we had four-generations of Luttenton’s together. It was a special treat that demanded a special photo op.

We also had a special visit from the Oostings which is always a lot of fun, Asher was too cute with Little Lillian and gave her lots of adoring glances … maybe it is the beginning of true love. After so much activity Lilly had the right idea, it was time for a nap!