Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RiverBank Run .. Rather .. Sit and Watch

This past Saturday my mom and I got up extra early, which really for me meant that I didn’t go back to sleep after Lilly’s four am feeding, and we drove downtown to see Erin and Jake run the RiverBank 5k. It was a horrible day to watch a race, rainy and cold, but lucky for us I had a perfect spot staked out to stand. Surprisingly no one else had the same idea and we were the only ones to stand under the overpass to spectate. In fact, even better we were able to sit on the bus stop bench, under the overpass, and we didn’t get wet and my legs didn’t get tired. Anyway, I digress, but I am so proud of my viewing location. Erin and Jake did a great job and I am super proud of Erin for the all hard work she put into training. I would never be able to run a race, unless someone was chasing me down or they had brought back cheesy tots to Burger King and you had to be first in line to get some.