Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lillian Grace: Two Months Old

Two months has brought tons of smiles. Lilly loves to smile and she has several variations of her smile that she likes to use at the appropriate time. There is the half smile, used when she is somewhat amused at our antics. A normal smile that I usually can capture for photos and a big cheesy-gummy smile reserved only for the most silly and amusing things that we do. Mostly we see that smile when we have dance party time, animal sound extravaganza, mandatory Mrs. Whiskers visitation time, Auntie Erin hair salon time and swimming/bath time.

Along with her endless smiles Lilly has found her voice and she likes to practice the different sounds she can make. She ranges from little piggy grunts when starting to get hungry to her newer and louder shrieks of delight. It is hard not to smile at her delightful sounds, although we are probably the only ones smiling when she tests them out in a restaurant or store.

We have done a lot of traveling this month and we are starting to get good at it. Lilly has been back to GiGi and Pip Pop Luttenton’s house several times to swim and visit with family. On the drive down she usually falls asleep, but she also finds drive time entertainment looking at herself in the mirror. On the special occasion we travel with Mrs. Whiskers, she really likes to talk and look at her traveling companion. When Mrs. Whiskers can’t come along for the ride she fancies her stuffed giraffe we call Gisele.

She continues to grow and grow and now weighs a whopping 9lbs and is 22.5" long.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Swaddled Diva

Lillian loves to be swaddled, it doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold, day or night … she has a special affinity to being wrapped up like a burrito. Recently I have been spending lots of time in the office working on wedding invitations for Erin and planning her shower, Lilly doesn’t mind the change of venue and has started to enjoy swinging and listening to music while I work. Notice that while she swings she assumes her swaddled diva pose. Even when we are out and about she finds a way to snuggle up. My mom and I recently went to the Greenhouse for our annual plant buying spectacular and Lilly happily joined us as a swaddled diva in her Moby.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy First Father's Day

Just a few of my favorite pictures of Matt as a dad. He is an amazing father and Lilly is so blessed to have him.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grandparents Are ... Grand

Lilly is very lucky to have a large number of grand and great-grandparents and she just loves them to death. She very much enjoys their visits and while they are away we help her keep in touch as much as possible. Here she is enjoying flowers from Grandma and Grandpa Knoll and whishing GiGi and Pip-Pop Luttenton a Happy Anniversary.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Our weekend started with a nice Friday off for Matt and a special lunch at Pizza Hut’s lunch buffet. This also marks Lilly’s first trip out of the house that didn’t involve a visit with her Doctor. Fortunately, Lilly feels all snuggled up and safe in her cozy car seat and barely noticed that we were out and about for almost 3 hours! Not a cry was heard on the whole trip so thanks to Lilly’s sleepy temperament we feel better about taking her on short trips here and there and less bound to the house.

A few extra days off around Memorial Day Weekend also gave Matt’s parents and sister the perfect excuse to make the long trek to Grand Rapids to meet their new Granddaughter. On the way, Matt’s dad can never resist a quick trip to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops to find the perfect fishing lure or the latest in reel technology. They also found the perfect gift for Lilly in a pink My First Fishing Shirt complete with a rod, reel, and a squiggly worm.

Since Matt’s family was up he got to pick the restaurants (two of his favorites: Mongolian BBQ on Friday night, and Old Chicago on Saturday night) and the movie (Tron: Legacy). Both restaurants were delicious and the movie was fun.

On Sunday both of our families got together to cook out and share some burgers and hot dogs as we passed Lilly around like a hot potato – the rule was if she fills her diaper while she’s in your arms, YOU have to change her! Fortunately for everyone except Matt, she only filled her diaper when she was sleeping in the bassinet.

The weekend ended with some nice photo opps for Lilly and Matt’s family, wearing the lovely island girl dress that Matt’s sister Rachel sent us and her favorite fishing shirt.